Be Childish


Portrait concept inspired by Ziyad

The “photo imagery ” of my mind created a portrait that was naive and childish. One clear thing I remember about being a child was that I had the utmost belief in the possibility of any event. Especially the amazing and wonderful ones. I was so sure I would be able to catch fairies and gnomes in mid frolic if only I knew the exact time they would be traipsing beneath the tall grass and big trees. Just be childish!

I believed that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, I could become whatever I dreamed. I was aware of the word “impossible”, but it really bore no importance in my life. Impossible was just a word people used to try and stop you from doing things they themselves were afraid to try. 

Now, the way the story goes is that most of us grow up and life begins to reveal its deeper, inner workings and systems. It gets harder to ignore the word “impossible” because it seems to be in charge of allocating the rewards of believing in yourself and your dreams, or the dreams that others have for you.

Little by little, you begin to forget about fairies. Gnome is a word you use to refer to someone who is a symbol of annoyance or irritation. Life becomes no longer this fantastical place and morphs into a grimy cave where you have to work to make ends meet. Forget about “whistling while you work”, smiling while you grind is a blessing. 

Pause. Does the magic truly vanish, or do you allow growing into adulthood and all the responsibilities it brings to get in the way? I believe that the word “impossible” is a real thing only if we allow it to take over our thoughts.

offer a gift of a lifetime

There is a great gift in once again looking at the world with the eyes of a child, gazing at it with the trust that you can achieve and hold the fire that burns in your heart. Walk into a new year with the confident strut of a five-year-old going out to slay the dragon hiding in the backyard. Be childish. Happy 2020! 

be childish and boyish portrait
Swat kasham photoimagery portraits

The aim of Swat Kasham Photoimagery is to photograph the every-day woman and make her look like the girl on a magazine cover. with the slogan “capture your worth” I photograph you in a way that celebrates your individual beauty inside and out because you’re worthy. This is my portrait of you. so the next time you are in Paramus, NJ or NewYork area, give me a call. I invite you to sit on my glam chair. How do you want to be photographed?

2 thoughts on “Be Childish”

  1. Medugu .m.Jagila

    What a great piece.It leaves me emotional yet inspired.
    Growing up to be an adult one finds out that life is sometimes not as you always thought it to be.
    “Did the magic truly vanish,or did I allow adulthood and the responsibilities it brings get in my way?”
    Stepping into 2020 with a renewed confidence!

    1. Hello!

      I am so glad you enjoyed the blog write up and was inspired by it. We need to be reminded that the magic still lives within us. I endeavor to do that with my photo sessions as well – give people the opportunity to step into fantasy land for a day! Thank you once again.

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