How do I look?




How do I look?

Does this make me fat?

Do I look flattered enough in this dress?

My face is not symmetrical.

How we see and are seen is an integral element of human nature. We are constantly fussing over our appearance, there is, after all, a saying which goes, “you will be addressed as you are dressed”. This is always played out in my line of work – placing women before the camera and capturing their essence.

As I sit with a woman during her consultation, I am always asked, “can you make me look slimmer? Make my arms look smaller? Can you fix my pooch? I don’t like this eye, this side of my face, can you fix that in Photoshop?” I always smile knowingly and reassure them that all will be taken care of. Many a time, I have questioned their fears in my mind because all I see is an amazing being before me. But I understand, for we all have insecurities that are peculiar to each of us. It is how we perceive ourselves because of societal conditioning, or simply narratives we have told ourselves.

No one human is perfect, but we are outstanding in our imperfection! I am learning to accept my physical inadequacies as the world has said I possess. I am learning to see myself as beautiful regardless; and with every woman who gives me the privilege to serve her, I am trying to help her see herself as beautiful and worthy. I use my photography to change her self perception.





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