One of the first confessions that a client makes after she has made the decision to book a session with me is this — I don’t know how to strike a pose! am so awkward! As always, I
smile knowingly and reassuringly as I proceed to let her know that it is my job to guide and direct her and she will be just fine.

The experience of being photographed by a professional is one that many approaches with some anxiety. The truth is, it is much simpler than you think. The first step is to remember
to relax and have fun.

start off by telling my client to sit relaxed while test my lights; and as she waits for me, she unconsciously sits in the way she does every day when having a conversation with a
friend, her children or husband and that’s when I say, “hold it right there and take a shot!

To be honest, the directions give for achieving the best and most flattering form for my client is usually a bit uncomfortable. Chin forward, isolate the neck, pull back your shoulders

but don’t thrust your chest forward — it all sounds confusing and many say they feel weird! Yes, it will feel weird but the results are magnificent!


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