One of the first confessions that a client makes after she has made the decision to book a session with me is this – I don’t know how to strike a pose! I am so awkward! As always, I smile knowingly and reassuringly as I proceed to let her know that it is my job to guide and direct her and she will be just fine.

Swat, a photographer helping a woman strike a pose

The experience of being photographed by a professional is one that many approaches with some anxiety. The truth is, it is much simpler than you think. The first step is to remember to relax and have fun.

I start off by telling my client to sit relaxed while I test my lights; and as she waits for me, she unconsciously sits in the way she does every day when having a conversation with a friend, her children or husband and that’s when I say, “hold it right there” and I take a shot!

a finished photoimagery of happy women with great pose

To be honest, the directions I give for achieving the best and most flattering form for my client is usually a bit uncomfortable. Chin forward, isolate the neck, pull back your shoulders but don’t thrust your chest forward – it all sounds confusing and many say they feel weird! Yes, it will feel weird but the results are magnificent!

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